Is It Normal to Have Itchy Scalp 2 Years After Endoscopic Forehead Surgery?

My scalp has been itching for 2 years post endoscopic surgery . Some days it is worse than others. My dermotologist did not find any scalp problems. My meds are atenonol, crestor, pristique, and trazodone. My plastic surgeon has been telling me to take benydral for all this time. Also I had my doc remove the plastic dissolving screws 8 months ago, as I thought they were contributing to the severe itching. Should I be concerned?

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Itchy forehead 2 years after browplasty

The itchiness is likely due to subtle dysfunction of the nerves that supply the forehead secondary to stretching during the procedure.  Even though it is two years there is still a good possibility this will go away with time.  I do not think that benadryl will be of much help but the injections into the nerves will give at least temporary relief.  Also, stabilizers of nerve impulses like anti seizure medications and / or elavil (intially an anti depressant but found helpful in some neuropathies) can be useful.  These medications will need to come from a physician and sometimes require blood tests to monitor.  Just some ideas to think about. 

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Scalp itching after endoscopic brow lift

This does occur as a complication of this procedure.  Since it has been two years now, I am guessing that you are probably suffering from alopecia from scratching as well.  There is likely also some numbness there.  I would go find a board - certified plastic surgeon and ask them if you are a candidate for injection of local into the supraorbital and supratrochlear nerves on the side of the scalp that itches.  This may ameliorate your problems.

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Forehead Lift - Pruritis a potential risk

Persistent pruritis is a potential complication after forehead lifts.  If you are unfortunate, this will be permanent.

You may try desensitizing the area by frequent daily scalp massages.  You may also see an occupation therapist for other desensitization techniques.

Desensitizing needs to be done for a least three months before you can say there is no improvement.

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Scalp Itching 2 Years after Forehead Surgery

Although I could make recommendations, if I was your surgeon I would recommend consultation with expert specialists. I would ask you internist to review all medications, seek a second opinion from another dermatologist, and have you get a consulation with a neurologist. Best of luck.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Itching can usually be helped with "desensitization"

You can have persistant itching after almost any operation where the nerves are put on tension.

This includes face lifts, forehead lifts as well as various tucks.

We manage this issue which can come on rather late after these operations by instructing the patient to begin by gently massaging the area after applying a light skin lubricant.  They do this by the clock for five minutes slowly increasing the pressure until by the end of the session they are massaging to tolerance.

This is done twice daily and can be done in the shower with your shampoo.

This will often over three weeks either solve the problem or greatly decrease it.

Hopefully this will help you.

Nathan Mayl, MD (retired)
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Itching after 2years on scalp

After two years the itching can be from many things. See your plastic surgeon but also visit with a dermatolgist.

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Itching after browlift

Itching may be related to skin conditions in which you  may want to see a dermatologist, or possibly from nerve type situations whcich may require desensitization technqiues which can be treated by a pain specialist or possibly a neurologist.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Itching after Endoscopic Browlifting is Treatable

Given that your itching persists 2 years after surgery, it may be time to consider intervention. I have found neurontin (gabapentin) to be useful for this type of nerve irritation.

Laxmeesh Mike Nayak, MD
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Itchy Forehead Sensation After Endobrow

The sense of itchiness you are describing 2 years after an endoscopic browlift is described as a dysesthesia.  Numbness after an endoscopic forehead lift is totally normal; as the nerves recover, a series of itchy or shooting sensations herald sensory nerve recovery.  However, sometimes the nerves retain these odd sensations.  At two years, there is still some hope for recovery.m  At the same time, exploring options such as desensitization and/or seeing a Neurologist is reasonable.

Stephen Prendiville, MD
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