Is It Normal for Milk to Leak After a BA?

I had a BA about 2 weeks ago; I have had 3 follow up visits with my PS and everything is good! My left side has been slightly more swollen and sore than the right and while doing the massages this morning I noticed a couple of drops of milk leaking. Last tiime I was pregnant was over 24 years ago!

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Breast leakage after implants from nipple

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SOme women do have spontaneous nipple discharge after breast surgery. If it persists it may be a good idea to see your surgeon or OB/GYN.

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Breast milk leaking is normal after augmentation

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Even after 24 years, women can experience milk leaking from the nipple after breast augmentation.  It is not all that common, but it is not surprising.  This usually resolves in a few weeks and seems to have no long term consequence.

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Discharge after Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Thank you for your question.

Yes, it is normal to have temporary discharge from the nipple after breast surgery.  This should resolve in a few weeks.  If it persists, a visit to your OBGYN may be indicated.

I hope this helps.

Milk leaking after Breast Augmentation

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This will occasionally happen after breast augmentation and is transient and should stop within a few weeks in most cases. If it lasts longer than that it is worth going back to your surgeon for an evaluation.

Breast Augment

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Yes, this is normal I warn all patients if it is malodorous or bloody I send the patients to a breast surgeon also if it does not stop I refer them as well

Milk production after breast augmentation surgery

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It's is not common but not unheard of to have the breast lactating after undergoing a breast augmentation. It usually is minimal and last a few weeks. If it persists it would be wise to see ones OBGYN doctore.

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