Non Surgical Ways to Fix Bottoming out and Building Scar Tissue?

I am 5 months post op breast aug. and my ps said I am starting to bottom out on one side, because I have not developed any scar tissue. Recommended taking vitamin c and wear a tight bra with the under wire placed slightly above crease in hope that the crease will heal higher. So far it's not working, can anyone tell me if this might work? Or any other non surgical solutions?

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Bottoming out and non-surgical approach?

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There is no non-surgical approach that I know of that will correct bottoming out.  At 5 months I doubt a bra will help.

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No Nonsurgical Cures for Bottoming Out

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There are a few causes of bottoming out, including malnutrition, causing the tissuesto not be strong enough to support the implant. Vitamin C is important for wound healing and for strong collagen, the protein building block of our tissues, including fibrous tissue and scar.

As bottoming out occurs, the implant is repositioning lower on the chest wall and the capsule (the lining your body makes around the implant) is extending lower than the optimal level.

Surgery is necessary to reduce/reshape the capsule to support the implant at the right height.

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Non-surgical options for bottoming out?

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Despite our best efforts, bottoming out of implants can occasionally occur.  It is doubtful that non-surgical treatment will correct the problem.  Surgery usually involves repairing the bottom edge of the pocket with permanent sutures, and occasionally requires placing smaller implants.  Hope this is helpful.

Michael S. Hopkins, MD (retired)
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Bottoming out

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Thank you for your question.

IF you are truly experiencing "bottoming out" of the breast implant, I don't think that non-surgical methods will correct the situation.

For implant malposition correction, the use of permanent sutures are placed in the capsule to basically make a new pocket for better placement of the breast implants.  Post operative care is very important for this procedure as you need keep your elbows by your side and limit lifting for at least 3 months.   If you start activity too soon, this could cause the repair to be damaged and your implants will return to their original position. 

Find someone who has experience with capsulorrhaphy and can show you many examples of his / her work.

Bottomed out implants

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At 5 months, the chance of garments fixing bottoming out is small.  But always worth a try.  If you don't see improvement and tightening relatively soon, you might need to consider a revision if the problem is significant enough.

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