Why Are my Nipples Uneven After Breast Augmentation?

I had a breast augmentation 5 months ago (average A to large B). It seems that my left breast sits lower than my right, which still sits rather high. Will my right breast drop? Also, my nipples are uneven now--is this normal? Is there a way to change even them out?

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Breast and Nipple Asymmetry BEFORE Breast Augmentation may persist AFTER Breast Augmentation

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There are only a few lucky women whose breasts and nipples are perfectly symmetric in every way. The vast majority of women demonstrate different degrees of asymmetry of the breasts and nipples. For an augmented breast to look natural, the implant must be positioned right under its nipple. IF the nipples are not located exactly mirror image distance on both sides, an obvious asymmetry would be visible. Moreover, if the same breast implants were placed in different size / shape breasts, the augmented breasts will look different.

I suspect you had asymmetry before your breast augmentation. You should ask to look at your BEFORE pictures and compare them against your mature result AFTER pictures.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Nipples Uneven After Breast Augmentation

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It is difficult to make suggestions in the absence of before and after photos. Also, it is still quite early into your healing and the final results are yet to be seen. Usually it is suggested to wait six to twelve months for a breast revision or additional surgery as the final result may still yet to be seen.

However, correcting initial #asymmetries in your first #breast #augmentation is not always guaranteed. A #Neopectoral #pocket is sometimes created as a technique to provide a stronger more secure placement for breast #implants. In this case, the implant is removed and the capsule is dissected from the muscle to create a new or “neo” pocket for the implant. However, any #asymmetries regarding the folds under the breasts may not be totally corrected from one revision procedure.

To better determine the technique and if a revision will be necessary, I suggest you see your board-certified surgeon to discuss in more detail. Meantime, it's best to remain patience while you heal and continue to communicate these concerns with your surgeon and their nursing staff.

Uneven nipples after breast augmentation

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The answer to this individual situation requires proper pre and postoperative pictures, but in general, if the nipples were not even before the augmentation then they will not be even after the augmentation. If they were even preop and are not even postop then either the implant was not positioned properly or one or both did not heal in the proper position. Improper sizing of the implant can also contribute. If the implant is not in the correct position then a revision is indicated to try to correct the position. Changing the nipple position requires some type of modified lift procedure and is probably not worth the scars.

Scott L. Replogle, MD
Boulder Plastic Surgeon

Uneven Results After Breast Augmentation

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One of the biggest reasons for breast implant asymmetry after surgery is preexisting asymmetry that you never noticed.  I try to point this out to all of my patients before surgery (and it can vary greatly), and you would be surprised at how frequently women never noticed this before.  However, capsular contracture and inadequate release of the tissues can result in one implant sitting too high as well.  The implant "dropping" at 5 months is unlikely although breasts continue to evolve over time.  Revisit this with your surgeon to discuss what has happened and review your before and after images to see if this difference is new.

Best of luck

Vince Marin, MD

La Jolla Plastic Surgeon

Nipple asymmetry

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Difficult to answer without seeing pre and post-op photos.  Did you have asymmetry to begin with?  Were the folds the same?  If one implant is now higher than the other, the nipples will look asymmetric.

Breast implants don't really drop.

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I am afraid this is a myth.  It sounds like you may need revision breast augmentation.  If the implants are level, the nipples may become level too.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

If nipples are uneven after surgery most likely they were uneven prior to surgery

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If nipples are uneven after surgery most likely they were uneven prior to surgery. I find that this is the most common reason for post-operative breast asymmetry. Wait 6-9 months to allow implants to settle prior to consdiering revsionary surgery.

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