Why Are my Nipples Facing Different Directions?

I had a TUBA 4 days ago. When the wrapping was taken off two days ago, it was very apparent that my right nipple is facing down and my left nipple looked normal and was facing forward. When I mentioned it to the Dr he said he noticed it during the surgery, but that it should even out. My right breast also sits a lot higher than the left; and the right is flat on the side, while the left is rounded out. It does not seem to be straightening out yet. Is this normal/common? I am very nervous

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Nipples Facing Different Directions

This is very common. "Drop and fluff" can happen faster in one breast than the other, and this is probably what is happening to you.

Please wait for about three to four months for your breasts to settle before assessing your results. Best of luck!

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Early post-op breast augmentation

It is way too early after surgery to get nervous about how they look.  First, everyone has a bit of asymmetry to start and implants often magnify the differences.  But it is too early and the breasts will settle some more over the next few months.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Why Are my Nipples Facing Different Directions?

From your photo, it appears that your right breast pocket is smaller, and I do see where your nipple looks like it is pointing down likely from the difference in pocket dissection.  I would recommend that you have a breast strap placed over just your right breast at the top of your breast for pressure, and to wear it 24/7 until they have evened out.  This will help strech the pocket while the tissues are still healing.  If you wait too long, it likely will not work.  This may not be 100% effective, but it can help alot.

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First of all take a deep breath and relax.  It has only been a few days since your surgery.  Allow more time for the swelling to resolve and the implants to fall into their pockets.  IF the pocket dissection was done on both sides and the implants looked even and balanced at the end of the surgery-- you will be fine.  If on the other hand, the right side was always higher and the nipples were not even-- then you may need a revision in the future.  But once again-- be patient and allow some time to pass.  Also wearing a bandeau or wrap on the top of your breast may help to push the implant into it's pocket. 

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Implant position following augmentation

It looks like the pocket for implant placement was dissected more caudally on the left side than on the right.  Sometimes, an Ace wrap (elastic bandage) placed above the higher implant will help to bring it down after surgery.  Sometimes it will not help, but it is ideal to exhaust all nonoperative interventions prior to operative ones.  Keep close contact with your doctor.  It is too early to judge your final outcome in 4 days.  If this were your result at 6 months, I would say that not much will change.  However, at this point, your result will continue to evolve for several weeks.  Good luck!

Jason Hess, MD
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