Nipple Revision After Breast Lift and Augmentation

i had my surgery on 3/11/10 a lift with augmentation. since then my left seems to be larger than my right and my nipple placement is off which it was not before the surgery. is there anyway to correct this or will they even out within the next few months. i dont want one larger breast than the other and my right nipple sticking out of my shirt as it does now.

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Sensation can play a role in nipple size

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After surgery, some people have partial or complete loss of nipple sensation. That nipple may also lose muscle tone making it look smoother and bigger. The sensation and tone may improve for up to two years after surgery, in my experience. So you  have to wait!

Nipple revision

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Typically from 5 to 7 cm is acceptable from the bottom of the areola to the fold.  you like like you are between 5'6" to 5'9" and somewhere between 110 and 130.  You left implant is high and both implants in my view of aesthetics are wider than necessary for your chest.  I have done many revisions and removing those devices and placing smaller device will help.  The skin can be adjusted in the fold with horizontal skin excision.  At that point it needs to be decide how to address the nipple position on the devices and the folds have been set properly.  This can be done via small skin excsions around the areola to give better shape and decrease the height of the nipple on the breast slightly.

Nipples Too High After Lift

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From your picture, it does appear that your nipples are too high.  The way to correct this is to remove excess skin from the bottom of the breast along the inframammary fold.  That will shorten the distance from the nipple to the fold and lower your nipples.  At the same time, youc an remove somem excess tissue from the larger breast to balance things out more.  Given that your surgery was two months ago, I would wait at least another month before making a decision on any sort of revision.  I hope this helps.

Nipples too high?

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The angle of your photo might be making things look worse than reality but at least from the pic it appears that both nipples are too high and that they are not even.  A more true straight front on photo might be more revealing but if I am correct, this is very hard too correct.  Raising nipples is much easier than lowering them.

Nipples too high!

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Thanks for the photo. Your nipples are placed too high, sorry. You need a very difficult scar forming revision. Seek opinions.

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