One Nipple is Completely Different from the Other, What Can Be Done?

I'm very conscious... One of my nipples looks completely different from the other. I don't mind having imperfect breasts, I just want them to look similar! My left breast is ok-the nipple is smooth, perfectly round and the areola is slightly raised and bump free. My right nipple is the opposite-the areola is very puffy, covered in montgomery glands and my nipple looks more peanut shaped than round. What procedures would be done? is surgery needed? what is the ballpark cost of these things?

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Asymmetric nipples

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Our breasts are not mirror images of each other, but certain nipple and areola asymmetries can be corrected or improved.   I would recommend seeing a plastic surgeon who does a lot of breast and nipple surgery to learn about the options and get advice.

Concerns about Nipple/Areola?

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Thank you for the question, but it is difficult to give you precise/meaningful advice without viewing pictures. I am confused as to whether your main concern is the nipple or the “puffy areola” or both? Consider sending pictures for more precise advice or seek consultation with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons in your area.  Ask to see lots of examples of the plastic surgeon's work helping patients in your situation.  Also, make sure you communicate your concerns and goals carefully.

 Best wishes.

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