No Nipple Erection After Breast Lift

Had bilateral breast lift in Dec. '09 (no implants). Have notice more hardened scar tissue at 12 o'clock in right breast which elicites no response to cold or touch, meaning no erection. Should scar be removed to make nipple look "normal" due to normal changes in environment?

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Nipple Erection after Breast Lift?

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Unfortunately,  are the loss of nipple erection  is likely related to loss of nerve function.  Sometimes this function does gradually return. However, further surgical intervention is not helpful in your situation.

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Restoration of lost nipple function after surgery

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Hi there-

Unfortunately, I would have to say that if your nipple function has not returned at this point, it is unlikely that you will achieve improvement, with or without further intervention.

Nipple erection loss

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The loss of the nipple erection can be a sequelae of any breast surgery but more common with lifts or reductions.  Usually this improves with time, but if it has been a few years since surgery, it probably won't come back.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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No nipple erection after breast lift

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This is a common complication of lifting. Most are temporary but a very few can become permanent. Sorry for this issue. Did you have an informed consent, in which this issue should have been outlined.


Nipple sensitivity

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The sensitivity of the nipple can be affected by surgery on the breast. Numbness or hypersensitivity can occur and this is not very predictable. In addition, there is tactile and also erotic sensitivity that are different from each other. There is probably not much you can do to change this and just need to give more time to see what nerves will recover. It might take a couple of years to resolve.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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