I'm getting a full body laser hair removal session in ONE day... is this safe?

Is it safe for your WHOLE body to undergo a laser hair removal session in one sitting?? I was told to shave my entire body to undergo a full body laser treatment for my first session, although I am reading online that in fact it isn't safe to laser your entire body in one sitting. What would be the risks of doing so in one sitting on my 1st session to 6th session?

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Whole body laser hair removal

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It is safe to have laser hair removal for your whole body in one sitting.  Make sure the technician is experienced. The LightSheer DUET laser has a large hand piece with a vacuum for fast, comfortable treatment.  Remember, no sun before or after your treatments.

Toronto Dermatologist

Laser Hair for Body

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You can absolutely get all of the hair on your body removed in one day.  It will take quite some time but it is entirely safe. Just please consult an expert and not a clinic. Best, Dr. Green

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