fat grafting or filler after permanent filler removal? (Photo)

had permanent filler removal a mo. ago with facelift (my skin was very tight bc my ps said it would be loose after removal). i developed hematoma on both sides. it was drained over ten days. i have internal scar tissue which makes me a lil bulkier and lumpy in lower face . treating it w. steroid and ultrasound. i cant see myself with the new face shape. when i can add temp filler (not on scar tissue i assume)should i do fat grafting eventually (will it benefit my skin better than eg voluma that over 1yr)

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Lipofilling better in your situation

Dear Angel, as you have scar tissue to deal with I would absolutely recommend lipofilling over any artificial filler.  Ther is a good chance that the fat, which contains stem cells, will improve your skin quality. 
Good luck :)

Belgium Plastic Surgeon

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