Why Do my Breasts Hurt when I Wear a Padded Bra? (photo)

I am 3 months post op 425 silicone memory gel implants from a 34b. Why does it hurt when I try to wear any kind of padded bra? Without any bra, it hurts when I try to lift my breast from the bottom.

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Breast tenderness normal after augmentation

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Your padded bra may be putting too much  pressure on the breast sensory nerves. Tenderness such as you have experienced is not abnormal after augmentation.  You may wish to try resizing/refitting your bras which may eliminate the problem.  Or your discomfort may wax and wane and ultimately will likely disappear over the course of the next 6-9 months.

Breast pain

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You appear to have an excellent result. Normal nerve regeneration after BA often has tender and sensitive spots. Avoid underwires and padded bras until that goes away, but some support is needed.

Brest pain 3 months after breast augmentation

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It is possible that the implant or pressure from the bra is irritating the sensory nerves that supply the breast.  Generally this type of pain will feel like a deep burn or ache.  If it does not get better over then next 3 months you should be examined again.

BRA after BA

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    The   inflamatory process  itself   is  of    6  month   to  1  year ,  a  very   discret   inflamatory  process  is  still    going  on   after  3  months   and   with  the contact    with  the bra  maybe       there  are  places  of   the   breast   that   response   with reaction   of inner  inflamation.  try   to use    cotton   br   without  padded  at  least   for    6 months 

Cynthia Disla, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Inflammation made still be present even three months after breast augmentation.

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Is still may have some information even three months after breast augmentation which would explain the pain. This should get better with time and with anti-inflammatories. Sub muscular placement is more prone to prolonged convalescence.

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