How Long Should I Wait After Having a Myomectomy to Have Liposuction and a BBL?

I'm scheduled for a BBL on July 29th, 2013, I'm concerned that my fibroids will interfere with my results. I want to resolve this issue first but unsure of how long after the surgery that I can have my BBL.

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Every one has a different recovery rate. If the fibroids are removed transvaginally then you should recover quickly

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Fibroids and Brazilian Butt lift

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You're right!  If you have very large fibroids, they make your abdomen look fuller.  By removing them, your waist may look even smaller (depending on how large your fibroids are).  Thereby, making your results that much better.  If fibroid surgery is performed by an open approach, you may have to wait a few months before BBL, find out how your GYN will perform this and then talk to your plastic surgeon.

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How Long after Myomectomy Can Brazilian Buttlift Be Performed?

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   The myomectomy may be straightforward, and the answer has to do with the approach to the uterus.  You may have to wait several months or just a few weeks.  Ask your OB/GYN what is planned and then communicate that to your plastic surgeon to get a precise answer.

Time between surgeries

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You want to be fully healed from the first surgery before having the second.  That will take at least 6 weeks.

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