Natrelle Inspira implant versus the regular Natrelle implants. Which is best?

From what I understand, in Canada we have the option of the Natrelle Inspira implants. Are they any different than the "regular" Natrelle implants?

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Inspira are the latest generation of implants from Natrelle

Inspira are similar to the previous Natrelle implants but come with a more cohesive gel, less rippling, and a wider selection of sizes.  Have transferred to Inspira over a year ago because of these advantages, and I like using them.

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Inspira versus regular Natrelle implants

Inspira implants and regular Natrelle implants are very similar.  They both contain the same type of silicone.  The difference is that the Inspira implants have a high fill ratio.  This is best shown if you take two implants of the same size, one Inspira and one Natrelle, and set them next to each other.  The Inspira implant will appear "fuller" and with less wrinkles or ripples in the shell.  I have transitioned almost completely over to the Inspira version of the implant.  I have found my patients to be very happy and get beautiful results.  Best of luck!

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Natrelle vs Inspira

It depends on what your goals are. Inspira implants are filled more fully so they are a little firmer than Natrelle implants. This is to reduce the risk of rippling. 

Jerome Edelstein, MD
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Inspira Implants

Inspira is the newest generation cohesive silicone implant from Allergan.  The Inspira implant has a higher gel fill ratio than their older lines:  Style 10, 15, and 20.  The higher fill ratio gives a rounder look with less rippling.  

They have recently come out with the Inspira Cohesive which combines the form stable gel of the 410 implant for the Inspira implants.  This allows the gel to hold its shape in the upper pole giving more upper pole fullnes than the traditional Inspira implant.

John L. Burns Jr., MD
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Natrelle implants

Inspira implants are round implants with a more cohesive gel than the "regular" Natrelle round implants - style 10.15, 20, 45, 110,115, 120.  They are round impants with gel of the shaped (410) implants.  The inspira line comes in smooth and textured.

Michael B. Tantillo, MD
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Difference between Natrelle and Inspira implants

Thank you for your question about the Natrelle and Inspira implants.

Allergan makes both of these implants.
The Natrelle is the excellent, long-established line of implants.

The Inspira has more variety in shapes and sizes and also includes cohesive gel implants.
The cohesive gel was first developed by implant maker Sientra, and their implants are known as 'gummy bear implants." 

The cohesive gel of the Inspira is similar to but not the same as the Sientra 'gummy bear' implants.Best wishes.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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