Need help to figure out what kind of profile my implants are? N-TSF 385 and N-TSF 415

Got my surgery done about 11 days ago, and got implants from Allergan Inspira textured round in N- TSF 385 and N-TSF 415. When i called the clinc the nurse wasn't sure but guessed i had moderate or moderate plus. But when i chech in Allergan catalog it only came out as high profile implants. Sorry about my bad english here, but from Norway so not my daily language. Hehe Anyway, can someone here please help me find out what profile they are?

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Implant Profile

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Implant Profile

Yes the best method is to provide your implant info including serial number to Allergen.
Your clinic should have provided you with this information, if not, please contact them.

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The TSF  implants are full projection, which is in a similar category to "high profile" which is a category from a different brand.

Inspira's  Full implants are the next level up in projection from Moderate. After Full, there is Extra Full, which project even more.

The projection on TSF 385 is 5.1cm  and for TSF 415 5.2 cm.

Your Plastic Surgeon will have detailed records of your surgery and implants.

Take care

Implant type

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Its best to see your surgeon about what 'type' or 'style' of implant was used.  Your surgeon has the information and in the USA, we are required to provide an implant card to the patient detailing all of the information you seek.

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Need help to figure out what kind of profile my implants are?

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Your surgeon's office will be your best resource when it comes to accurate information. You should be receiving paperwork (such as an identification card) with the implant information on it, which you should keep in a safe place. Best wishes.

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