Why Do my Teeth Only Look White when in the Dentist's Chair?

It has to be the light. I am going to do the KoR Deep Bleach, but with another dentist who does it. The dentist always tells me how white they are. It's the light that makes them look white. I DO NOT HAVE WHITE TEETH! I have looked at them in the mirror while the dentist's light was shining on them and they do look really white. I have been taken outside with the dentist and they looked lighter than usual, but 99.9% of the time they don't.What is the cause of this?Will KoR work for this issue?

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Why do my teeth look ligher in dental office

KoR is a great system and you should end up with great results.  We use color corrected lighting in most offices so when you go into other lighting the colors will look different.  Outside light will make the teeth look different as well. 

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Why Do my Teeth Only Look White in the Dentist's Chair?

Teeth will appear different shades in different light. Teeth will also appear darker in reflection. For example, your teeth will look dark when looking at them in the rear view mirror of your car. Looking at your teeth in natural light will give you the best indication as to their true shade. Using a side-by-side comparison of your teeth with your dentist's shade guide will give you a very good indication of how truly white your teeth are. Also remember that teeth are not supposed to be all one shade. Teeth are a darker shade at their base (where they are thickest) and thicker teeth (like eye teeth) are slightly darker than thin teeth, like incisors (front teeth). If you have already bleached your teeth with a viable bleaching system you probably will not recognize a significant change after using the KoR system. All bleaching systems work when used as prescribed. Current literature on bleaching shows that the very best way to bleach teeth to reach the lightest shade possible is to use a high concentrate in-office controlled bleach followed immediately by DAILY use of take-home bleach for at least two consecutive weeks. There is a limit to how white you can get your teeth no matter how hard you try and no matter what bleaching system you use.

Good luck!

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Teeth are always whiter after a cleaning..!

In the dentist chair your mouth is always open and your teeth dry out. When they do it makes your teeth appear whiter.  Yes the iight has an affect also but thats my best guess. Kor whitening is the same as most other products out there...

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KöR is by far the best method

The KöR system will get your teeth as white as they CAN get, but if your teeth are "mostly" white, you may not notice as much change as someone with very yellow teeth.  Also, ALL whitening processes are temporary, so you will need to stay on a maintenance schedule to keep them white.


Consider porcelain veneers to get them as white as possible and for them to stay that way.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
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