I Need my Tattoo Removed, I Am Severely Allergic to It - Best Procedure?

I have several tattoos but never knew there was a such thing as an "allergy to a tattoo". A few weeks after my foot tattoo healed I realized something was really off about it. I've had it for like 5 months now and I am certainly allergic to one particular ink used. Its small but on two separate spots of my body, foot and wrist. I've heard laser removal is really painful and your flesh sound like "frying bacon" under the laser. Ew, the pain of getting the tattoo on my foot was bad enough.

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Laser Tattoo Removal

Thank you for the question.

Laser tattoo treatment will be the best way to go. The area can be numbed up with local anesthesia to make the treatment much less uncomfortable.

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Tattoo with Allergic Reaction

The best way to remove a tattoo with an allergic reaction is to surgically excise it.  There is a risk of getting a widespread allergic reaction if Q-switched laser treatment is done to a tattoo which has an allergic reaction within it.  Small tattoos are easier to excise.  Large tattoos with allergic reactions are a problem to treat.  Some people pre-treat with anti-histamines and prednisone prior to Q-switched laser treatment to try to reduce the risk of generalized allergic reaction.  Other lasers such as fractional CO2 laser might be useful as well.

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