Why is my Right Taking So Long to Drop?

I underwent a augmentation surgery two weeks ago and while I am in love with the left the right is still sitting very high and has not dropped into nearly as nice of a place as the left. I have read that your breasts can drop at different rates but I am strating to freak out! I am taking muscle relaxors, doing daily massage and taking milk thistle. Anyone have experience with this and can share a story that will ease my mind? I know it is early but I wonder why one would drop so much sooner

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Right breast implant slow to descend

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My guess would be that you are right-handed.  Even though you are resting, you still use your dominant side more than the left side of your body.  This frequent usage of your right sided chest muscles can slow the descent of the right implant.  Rest assured - it will drop into position.  If you are still concerned, schedule an appointment with your plastic surgeon.

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It is very normal for one side to heal faster than the other. In our practice we like to use breast stabilizer band to help the implants drop into the pocket. Give it time they should drop talk to your PS and make sure you are following his instructions.


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Asymmetric Drop is Common

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If you are only two weeks out from breast augmentation surgery, I would not worry yet.  Each implant can drop at its own rate.  One side is usually slower to drop due to extra use, extra swelling, or due to extra tightness in the muscle.  Do your best to reduce swelling with ice, anti-inflammatories (approved by your doc), and rest.  The majority of the time, it takes care of itself.  Good Luck! Tripti Burt, MD

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Why is my Right Taking So Long to Drop?

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Thank you for your question .
It is too early to give you an exact answer please wait at least 2-3 months to give time to your implants to come down and settle. The larger the implants, the longer it will take for them to drop. And usually one side will drop faster than the other. Please visit with a board certified plastic surgeon with years of experience and great reviews in your procedure .Congratulations on your procedure.

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Yes, sometimes one breast will drop later than the other. But remember most breasts are asymmetric and there may be a discrepancy of the folds.

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Breast implants do not really drop.

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1)  This is what you do not want to hear, unfortunately.  In my opinion, the need for implants to "drop" is largely a myth.  Your breasts should look great right after surgery.  If one is higher at two weeks, this will probably not go away.

2)  You should not do anything for six months, so you might as well be optimistic.  There are always exceptions.  But eventually, you may well need a revision.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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