Why Do my Nipple Stick out After Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I'm almost 4 months post op from a breast augmentation and my nipples still stick out. What is causing this? How can this be fixed? I did not have this problem before surgery.

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Why to nipples stick out?

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 You are young and have fairly large breast implants.  Because the tissue under your nipples are still firm (with young patients) as the breast is enlarged so does the nipple stick out more and can often become more sensitive for this reason.  Don't worry, you are only 4 months out from surgery, and as the breasts soften and the implants descend further this look will improve. You will look great in about 6 months.... just wait and see.

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Nipple projecton after BBA

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I tell all my patients to wait at least one year before making any decisions on nipple reduction surgery.    Your pictures look like you have a tight skin envelope, and your breasts implants are not done "settling".  You will probably notice the nipple projection lessens in the upcoming months.  If it is still an issue, you should talk to your plastic surgeon abut options.  One important thing to remember:  there is nothing "wrong" or "bad" going on that you need to worry about, and your surgeon did not do anything incorrectly to cause this.. this is simply a normal sequela after having a breast augmentation surgery for some people.  Be patient and know you have options to make it better if need be!

Good luck!

Darshan Shah, MD
Bakersfield General Surgeon

Increase in projection is normal.

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Increased nipple projection is a relatively normal finding following breast augmentation surgery. This occurs for a variety of reasons, including swelling and the pressure that’s exerted by the underlying breast implant.
Although it may take time, this problem usually always resolves as swelling decreases and the breast tissue adjust to the presence of an underlying breast implant.
If you’re concerned about this issue, it’s important to discuss the problem with your plastic surgeon.Your surgeon should be able to discuss your increased nipple projection and alleviate your anxiety.

Nipple projection after breast augmentation

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An implant augments and adds projection to the entire breast including the nipple, therefore enhanced nipple projection after augmentation is not surprising.  This is more common in a young, nulliparous (never pregnant) patient with firm tissues and larger implants.  As the others have stated, this should improve as the breast softens and settles with the passage of time.  4 months is still early in the healing process.

Christopher J. Schaffer, MD
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

Excess nipple projection after BA

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Your nipple projection looks normal to me. I'm sure that they seem more projecting since your whole breast is now more projecting. You would really need to check your pre-op photos to re-evaluate. I agree with others that it also appears that the implants are still a bit too high, though I'm not convinced it is from a capsule contracture.

Nipple and areola swelling and increased projection is very normal

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Nipple and areola swelling and increased projection is very normal after breast augmentation.  This will improve with time and likely will settle to a very acceptable appearance.  The cause is usually swelling but there is some increased pressure from the implant itself on the backside of the breast and nipple/areola.  The treatment is just more time- this will improve as your swelling subsides and your implants fall into a more approrpriate position. 

Nipple protrusion 4 months after breast augmentation--this could be capsular contracture.

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Even for the most toned musculature and taut, youthful skin, 4 months is certainly adequate time for the vast majority of breast augmentation patients to have their implant position drop, soften, and settle away from the "high, tight" look you still have.

To my eye (thanks for including photos, they are very helpful in giving better answers), this is not just an issue of nipple protrusion, but rather what appears to be a Baker 4 capsular contracture. You still look abnormally high and round superiorly (what many would call the "Baywatch look"), and without examination I can only speculate about implant movement (or lack thereof) in your pockets. If indeed your breasts are both firm and move very little in their respective pockets, then you have capsular contracture, and this gives you not only the high round appearance we have been discussing, but puts abnormal pressure on your nipple/areola complexes, causing or aggravating the protrusion you ask about. In some cases, this degree of capsular contracture can also be painful.

If your breasts are soft, then capsular contracture is less likely, and this may simply be slightly too-high position for your implants, or perhaps implants that are a bit too big for your frame and tissues.

You need to see your plastic surgeon (or another ABPS-certified plastic surgeon for second opinion) to discuss this. Occasionally, leukotriene inhibitor therapy (oral Singulair or Accolate plus vitamin E) may help reduce the severity of capsular contracture, but in severe cases, only surgery to release or remove the capsules will offer relief or improvement of this tightness and nipple protrusion. Make an appointment to see your plastic surgeon and have this evaluated and a plan formulated. For more information about capsular contracture click on the web reference link below. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
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Nipple Projection after Breast Augmentation

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It is not unusual for many women to have increased nipple projection after their surgery.  This is seen even more in women whose breast tissue/skin was fairly tight to begin with.  The implants are trying to stretch everything out, and in doing so, pushing the nipples forward.  In looking at your pictures, it appears your implants are still somewhat high and rounder.  As they settle a little more and with some time, the nipple projection usually goes down a degree.  There is nothing surgically you could do to the nipple itself, but you could change to a less projecting implant at some point.  I hope this helps.

Nipples Sticking out after Breast Augmentation

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Thank you for your question and photos.

It looks like you have normal nipple projection. It could be possible that you had slight nipple inversion prior to surgery.  It is not uncommon for patients who have breast augmentation to experience more nipple projection due to the implants pushing out the breast tissue and the nipple/areola.

I hope this helps.

Prominent Nipples after Breast Augmentation

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This is very common. If you think about it it makes sense that this should happen. You have placed a significant extra volume in your breast behind the nipples. The tends to push the nipples out.

It will improve as the skin stretches a bit and the tightness goes away.


Rodney A. Green, MD
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon
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