If my Husband Has Care Credit and is out of the Country Can I Still Use It?

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Contact Care Credit

It’s reasonable for a patient to utilize her husband’s Care Credit provided she has appropriate authorization.  If you’re considering this option it’s important to contact Care Credit and follow their appropriate procedures.

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Using Care Credit of Husband While Out of Country

   Care credit policies should be confirmed with the company, as you do not want to have an issue with the husband or the company later.

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Use of CareCredit.

Thanks for your question. It has not been a problem in the past when the spouse is outside the country as long you are authorized too. We see this a lot with our armed forces. Best wishes - Dr. Aldo.

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Care credit

Even with autherization from your husband, it is not appropriate or acceptable to use your husband's card, since he is out of the country and is unable to sign for the charges.

He can contest the charges since he did not sign for it

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Care credit and you husband

Thank you for the question. The easiest way to go around this question is to call care credit. If you are not an authorized user, then your husband to ask care credit to give you the authorization to use it. Good Luck.

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Using Your Husband's Care Credit

Thank you for your question.

I believe that you will be able to use your husband's Care Credit account as long as you have authorization.  I would call Care Credit to double check and maybe have your husband send an email authorizing you to do so.

Best Wishes.

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Credit Care??

 The answer depends upon who is authorized to use/ access the account. A simple call to Credit Care regarding your account will answer your question. They may require your husband to call to authorize the transaction. Best,


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