Will my Hair Grow Back After Getting Scalp Cysts Surgically Removed? (photo)

I got 2 cysts surgically removed on the same day 2 months and 20 days ago. The cysts were removed surgically and I had stitches for 2 weeks. Some of the stitches for the first cyst wasn't able to hold the skin together which formed a scab that looks like a circle/ oval bald spot. Light pale skin grew over the scab. The first two pictures are from the first cyst removal and the third picture is from the second cyst. Will my hair grow back or will I have bald spots in those areas?

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Growing hair back after a removal

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Most often, and especially based on your photos, a decent-sized removal creates scar tissue. With your photos specifically the pulling of the sutures appears to have created scar tissue and most likely destroyed hair follicles that were there and viable. Thus, based solely on the photos, I'd say you are most likely to have bald spots in these areas.

Hair growth in scar tissue

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When you have something removed surgically, it generally will create scar tissue which often destroys the hair follicles in that area. Generally if you grow your hair longer, the scars will be fairly inconspicuous because they will be covered by neighboring hair. 

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