How Much Will It Cost Me to Have my Facial Cyst Removed? (photo)

I have a cyst on my face the size of a nickel and is still growing. How do I go about having it removed and what is the most it will cost me?

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Often insurance will pay for lipoma and cyst removal.  You should check this and have your doctor check this.   Costs vary but you total in office fee should not exceed $1000.  Fees vary but be sure and check your insurance.  You have a real deformity and this should be covered.  My Best,  Dr C

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Cyst on the face

The cyst on the face can be surgically removed under local anesthesia. You should expect a scar on the face. No guarantees to the quality of the scar.The cost can range from $500 to $1000

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How Much Will It Cost Me to Have my Facial Cyst Removed?

A Facial Plastic Surgeon or aesthetically-oriented Dermatologist should be able to do a good job removing this cyst for you. The cost will vary depending upon the surgeon's background, your city and the size at the time of removal. You can expect to pay somewhere between $250 - 1000 depending upon these factors. I hope this information is helpful.

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Removal of facial cyst

It definitely is possible to have the cyst removed on your face.  I would recommend seeing a facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon to discuss the procedure, but it likely could be done in the surgeon's office with just local anesthesia.  The cost is going to vary, so you might want to get a couple of estimates.  As a ballpark figure, the cost should be in the hundreds and not thousands.  

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