How to make my fingers' bones go to it's original size. Do I need surgery? or just massage it? (photos)

I pop my fingers' joints a long long time ago, I think I started doing it when I was in 5th or 6th grade. I only stop when I noticed that my fingers' bones becomes bigger and bony than before, it looks so ugly and I hate it. I stopped doing it when I was in 9th grade and until now. They say that when you stop cracking or popping your fingers/knuckles it will go back to it's original, but in my case it doesn't. I really want to make it look like as it is before but I don't know how.

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Prominent Knuckles

The middle joints do seem to be somewhat prominent.  Whether this represents an arthritic problem (which may require treatment) or simple scarring in the tissues around the joint ( the joint capsule) cannot be determined without an exam and possibly x-rays.  A good place to start would be your primary care physician.
If there is no arthritis, there really is no good treatment for this and it is unlikely to improve on its own if it hasn't done so in three years

Good luck.

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