Can I Get my Ears Repierced with a Needle After Keloid Removal and Radiation?

I've had two keloids surgically removed after injections failed to work. My keloids are responding well and I've been getting steroid injections to soften up the tissue. The keloids are where my second holes used to be and my one keloid stretched to the first hole. I woukd just like to grt the first hole repierced. If I go to a tattoo parlor and get my ears pierced with a needle will the keloid reform or affect the treatment of the second hole? Thanks!

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Keloid reformation after piercing

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I would strongly advise against repiercing.  It will lead to development of a new keloid.  Therapeutic radiologists in my area are now declining to irradiate post-excision and, if this is the case in your area as well, you may find yourself in a worse situation.

Keloids and body piercing

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With your history of recurrent keloids and earlobe piercing I would recommend against re piercing. Keloids are normal histological (under the microscope) scars that grow outside the area of surgery  or trauma (ear piercing). You have a near 100% chance of having a recurrent keloid. Each time you have a keloid respected some normal tissue is removed and you have increased chance of keloids from the surgery, distortion of the ear lobe and loss of the normal shape of the ear. Specialized clasp ear ring are often used after keloid resection to prevent recurrence.

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