Is This Normal Bruising/swelling After an Earlobe Reduction? How Long Will This Last? (photo)

Earlobes. The Photos Are 7 Days Post Operation.Thanks

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Swelling after a earlobe reduction

Early healing for #earlobeReduction occurs in the first week. I  Swelling is usually significant in the first several weeks and some can persist for a few months but this is not as common. Ice, elevation, and arnica gel are used in my practice
Redness can indicate infection that needs to be treated

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Earlobe Reduction - Swelling after procedure

Thank you for your question. Without examining you, individual advice cannot be offered. In general, following earlobe reduction, there is often some degree of swelling. Your surgeon may provide you with post operative instructions to minimize the extent and duration of that swelling. Much of the early swelling usually improves during the first few days following the procedure. However, some degree of swelling may persist for a few weeks. Check with your surgeon if you have concerns.

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