I Have Naturally Yellowish Teeth and Want to Whiten Them?

I don't drink tea/coffee/wine and I don't smoke so my teeth aren't stained. I don't know if I should use the trays you take home or use the zoom! system. I'm worried that zoom! will not whiten them as I have read quite a few bad reviews on it. I am leaning more toward zoom! though so could you give me any advice or opinons on the zoom! system, and tell me if the fact that my teeth are just naturally yellow would make it better or worse to whiten them. Thanks

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Brightening your smile

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ZOOM is a great in office whitening system.  However, if you tend to have sensitive teeth you may experience some discomfort for about 24 hours after treatment.  As far as final results, my patients are always very pleased with the final shade after we do ZOOM on them.  If you do try ZOOM and are not happy with the final results, you may want to consider discussing the option of porcelain veneers with your cosmetic dentist.


Beverly Hills Dentist

I Have Naturally Yellowish Teeth and Want to Whiten Them? What's the BEST Way?

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Teeth whitening can give you amazing results for your smile. There are a lot of reviews and comments about the results of different types of whitening techniques and brands of tooth whitening gels.

The real answer is that no technique works for everyone. If you have sensitive teeth, then you may hurt a lot after Zoom.

To get the best results- visit your cosmetic dentist. Feel free to express what you've read and why you are concerned about that. They can help you pick the correct technique for you.Then you'll get a great new white smile and do it in a comfortable manner.

Whitening is Ideal for Naturally Yellow Teeth

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Zoom and other whitening products are formulated to work their best on naturally yellow teeth. Your enamel should respond the best to the product and you should witness significant whitening of your teeth. I do believe in the Zoom product when used properly by the administering dentist and team.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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Get a Teeth Whitening Consultation

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The outcome of teeth whitening will depend on the reason for the discoloration. Look for a well-reviewed dentist in your city and make an appointment to discuss options. If you have sensitivity or other issues, the dentist may make alternate recommendations. 

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