When I was 130lbs my bra size was 34B. Now I am 220lbs and I wear 40D. Will my breast size reduce with weight loss?

When I was 130lbs my bra size was 34B. Now I am 220lbs and I wear 40D. If I were to lose weight, would I have better chances of my breast size reducing since I am (at a normal weight) a B cup?

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Breast Size Changes with Weight Fluctuation

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Every woman's breast is a mixture of glandular tissue and fat all intermixed.  The ratio of gland to fat is diiferent in different people and also varies throughout life.  Breasts have a higher proportion of fat with aging.  Breast size changes as your weight goes up and down.  If your breast is composed of a higher percentage of fat , your breast size will change more with fluctuations in weight.  Very dense, glandular breasts may show less change with the ups and downs of body weight. 

Will my breast size reduce with weight loss?

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A large amount of weight gain or weight loss as you’ve described will affect the size of your breasts.  Breast size can fluctuate with hormonal changes, weight gain or weight loss.  Should you lose weight your breasts will become smaller but may not be as small or have the shape they once had.  I would suggest reaching your goal weight before deciding on any surgical procedure.  You may need a reduction or even a breast lift depending on the amount of weight you lose.  Be sure to consult with a Board Certified surgeon to discuss your surgical options in detail.

Breast size and weight loss

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It is likely that your breasts would become smaller if you lost weight as they were smaller when you did not weight as much.

Will breast size reduce with weight loss

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Your breast size will get smaller if you lose the amount of weight you are describing. I would wait on any breast surgery until you have lost the weight and are stable at your new weight. You may need just skin removed or some breast tissue. Only time will tell.

Weight loss and breast size reduction

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You will certainly have reduction in the size of your breasts if you lose the 90 pounds to get back to 130.  However, your breasts will probably not be what they were before your weight gain.  The shape will have suffered from the stretching, and you will likely need a mastopexy.

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