My Breast Don't Look Round? (photo)

Im 26 years old and had Full lift with augmentation done 8 months ago.I got saline implants under the muscle, right 325cc, left 390 cc. My breast look too far apart. The implants seem to fall towards my under pits. They don't seem to be round . When i pick my arms up, my breast don't look right. What should i do to fix it?

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My Breast Don't Look Round?

Generally speaking your result is acceptable but not great! You have over dissection of the lateral pockets and thus lateral displacement of the implants. Only a revision via a capsularraphy with acellular dermal matrix or cautery effect can resolve the issue. 

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Revision of implants

If your implants are falling out to your armpits, it probably means that you need to have the pockets revised.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Revision augmentation and lift


Thank you for the question and photos.  There is likely a number of factors at work with your breasts that will have to be modified to help you accomplish the goal that you would like.  Among these the position of the implant pocket will have to be repaired.  This will involve opening the pocket near the center (cleavage) and closing the pocket on the sides.  Switching the implants will also be needed.  Textured silicone implants with a wider breast width diameter will likely be beneficial.  A revision lift will finally be needed to contour the breast tissue on top of the new implant breast mounds.  The patient link below shows an example of this.

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Following augmentation/mastopexy

Without seeing your preoperative pictures or knowing your measurements it is hard to accurately comment (but I will try). The first picture with your arms down looks like a good result. The volume symmetry looks good and the position is appropriate. Your scars have faded very well. With your arms up there will be a tendency for the implants to move laterally. Saline implants have to be filled more to keep them from rippling and so they have a rounder appearance. It looks like your implants are fairly wide for your chest. The path of least resistance is lateral and so implants might tend to drift laterally. I don't think there will be a lot of change in position since you are 8 months out. By combining the augentation and mastopexy it introduces more variables and healing can be different. I would not suggest doing anything at this point. No one has mirror image breasts. I bet if you go back and look at your preoperative pictures you will be able to appreciate your result. I think you look great. If it is the feel you don't like then you could consider switching to a silicone implant.

M. Scott Haydon, MD
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Breasts are Under Armpits

  After a breast augmentation and lift, the contours at the lateral extent may be improved with a pocket revision and capsulorrhaphy.   However, a physical exam will be necessary to determine the appropriateness of this intervention.  Making a tighter pocket while keeping the same volume implant tends to put more pressure on the repair and increase likelihood of failure

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