How Can You Fix the Gap Between Your Teeth After Removing the Snaggle Tooth?

I really want to remove my snaggle tooth (left canine tooth). Everyone always notices it and makes comments on it, and it is sticking out pretty bad. How will I be able to fix the gap between my teeth after the extraction? And how much will everything cost?

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Fixing a Snaggle Tooth

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Please do not do anything until you see a great cosmetic Dentist.  The cost to extract a (I am assuming healthy) healthy tooth and then replace it will be not too much less than if you correct the position of this tooth with braces such as invisalign.   The great thing about fixing your tooth alignment is that you will have a much better bite, since the canines are very important to keeping your teeth guided into correct alignment.  If you extract this tooth you still for cosmetic reasons alone will want to replace it with either a partial denture, bridge or implant.  Depending on your bone, age, health and other factors, some of these options may not be available to you.  You need to discuss all these factors with your Dentist before you make up your mind.  Good Luck and please look into invisalign, I think you will be surprised by how it can help you.

Long Island Dentist

Don't Do It

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Please reconsider your decision.  Canines are very important teeth for both esthetics and function.  I personally lost one as a child and have undergone a tremendous amount of work to restore this area of my smile.  Discuss your options with your general dentist and seek an opinion from an orthodontist as well

Good Luck!

Gary Nack, DDS
Philadelphia Dentist

Snaggle tooth fix

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Are you opposed to orthodontics (braces)?? I would not recommend removing your left canine.  Canines are the corners of your mouth and are very important teeth in your mouth.  The is more than one way to fix a snaggle tooth depending on its position.  I think it also depends on what result you are trying to get. I would not go with a quick fix only to pay for it later on in life. I would suggest you go see your dentist and ask them what all of your options are.  There are multiple ways to move teeth, or reshape teeth to make them less prominent. Get all of your options before you go and get any teeth removed. 

James Merrett, DDS
San Antonio Dentist

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