Music Festival 1 Week After Breast Augmentation - Bad Idea?

Hi; I am getting breast augmentation on a Monday and was gifted tickets to a music festival for the following Fri-Sun. It's a 4 hour drive each way, I will have antibiotics, painkillers, drive up camping ( no lifting ) and showers & first aid booths on my site. I know I can't climb the walls or get wasted... But as long as I keep them clean and dry and don't over exert myself... Can I go??

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Activity after Breast Augmentation

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If you could be absolutely sure that you would not get an infection or start  up some bleeding,  then go.  However, the usual restrictions, no driving for a week, and no exercise for 4 weeks are rendered for a reason.  The implants should be thought as forever, but the concert will be available again.  A festival over a number of days is a lot more stressful than a 2 hour concert.  Also, if you are unwell, then your ride misses the gig to bring you home.

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Breast Augmentation and rapid recovery. vs Recovery that is not that rapid

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It is probably not a good idea to go to festival for 2 reasons.  First, you may not feel well enough to enjoy yourself that soon after.  The pain will be minimal by then, but i think you will get tired very easily, and regret going.  Second, it sounds like the environment of camping is not the cleanest for an immediate post op patient.  You would not want to do anything that might increase risk of infection.  I would schedule surgery the week after the concert.

David H. Bauer, MD
Little Rock Plastic Surgeon

Music Concert after Breast Aumentation

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Of course you can go. The question is - Should you go? You've made a significant financial commitment to improve your appearance and it would be a shame and possibly a big mistake to put yourself somewhere, or in some situation where you could jeopardize your results. Different surgeons will have varying tolerances to what they would recommend but for the most part taking it easy and controlling your environment for about a week makes a lot of sense. Talk to your doctor - since he/she will be the one managing your post-op care. Best of Luck

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Activities Right After Breast Augmentation

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Every plastic surgeon will have their own set of restrictions after surgery. You should discuss the specific restrictions with your plastic surgeon.

That being said, most restrictions right after breast augmentation surgery revolve around strenuous activity and pain medications. You should not drive if taking pain medications but being a passenger in the car is fine. Strenuous activity, especially those that involve your pectoralis muscles should be avoided in the early post operative phase because it can increase the chance of bleeding but also will increase your swelling.

Based on your description you really need to discuss with your plastic surgeon, but also see how you are feeling. Remember, you put a lot of investment into your surgery - financially, physically, and emotionally. You need to allow your body to heal to ensure the best possible results.

Hope that helps and good luck!

Dr. Babak Dadvand

Babak Dadvand, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Not a good idea after breast augmentation

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It is probably not a good idea to go just a week after your surgery. You won't feel in optimum shape as you may still be feeling swollen and have some discomfort. You may not have any endurance either, as your body will still be recovering from surgery. 

Recovery after breast augmentation

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Restriction of activity is usually advised for at least 2 weeks after breast augmentation surgery, and spending 4 hours in a car 4 days after surgery to attend a music festival is probably not recommended to help with uneventful healing. You may be careful with your breasts but a crowd of people is most likely not going to be as attentive.

Olivia Hutchinson, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

Activity after beast augmentation

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I think it is a very bad idea to go to a music festival one week after surgery. You are not completely healed and you should limit your exertional acitivties.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Safety first after cosmetic breast augmentation

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Generally speaking, if you are thinking it is not a good idea, it probably is not.   You have spent a significant amount of money to get the breast augmentation you desire.     I would not recommend anything that could sacrifice a great result.   I generally recommend that my patients stay within 1 hour driving distance of my office for 1 week in the event that an issue arises.    If you are doing well one week after surgery, you have a very low chance of infection, bleeding, or wound breakdown.   At this point, it would be ok to travel and begin light activity, not before then.

I would recommend rescheduling your surgery to a time that will allow you to recover safely or skipping out on the music festival this year.   I wish you a safe and happy recovery.

Paul S. Gill, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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One Week After Breast Augmentation

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I'd likely take it easy one week after breast augmentation.  Sure, you are feeling great.  But excessive activity could affect your recovery.  usually, most plastic surgeons recommend no heavy lifting or strenuous activity for 3-4 weeks after breast augmentation surgery.  

Can I go to a music festival 1 week after an augmentation?

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I would agree that the most important thing to do is to take it easy after surgery (any type of surgery).  Although most patients are up and around very quickly, there are some common sense things to do and not to do that your surgeon should discuss with you.

As such, you really need to ask your surgeon!

I hope that helps.

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