I liver in Dover, Kent, England. I'm looking in to hair line lowering or possibly hair implant?

Can anyone recommend a skilled surgeon in my area I don't mind travelling eg London. Also what can I expect healing/price/results? Which method is best and looks most natural? Do you think surgery is right for me? Thanks

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You can search for doctors in your area on the ISRHS org website or search for doctors on this website.

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You can search for doctors in your area on the ISRHS org website or search for doctors on this website.

Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Hair line lowering procedure or FUT to decrease the forehead size

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mooey,Hello, thanks for the question. The two methods used to lower the hair line are:1. forehead lift and reduction: 2. Follicular unit transplantation to lower the hair line. The surgical forehead lift produces faster results, at a probable lower price. There is risk that it may produce a visible scar that may need TP to camouflage or hide it later. The hair transplant using follicular units can produce very natural results without scars being visible in the forehead. In England you might want to consult with the Farjo Clinic.Kind regards,
Bernardino A. Arocha, MD

Hailine lowering and forehead reduction.

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Hailine lowering and forehead reduction. This is best done in my opinion by The Irregular Trichophytic Forehead Lift which we developed. This will give you the most natural result without a noticeable scar if done by an experienced surgeon. It is much less expensive as well. Make sure you see the hairline results of the surgeon. 

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Lower the hairline

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The surgical scalp advancement (hairline lowering/forehead reduction operation) gives the quickest and densest result moving the most hair at, usually, the lowest cost. However,  you have to have good laxity of the scalp and forehead tissues. Hair transplantation can work also.  

Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD FACS
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon

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