If More Filler is Needed at a Followup Appointment to Correct Uneveness Who Covers the Expense?

It seems that many offices have the patient pay for additional filler product if the results the first time were not done evenly. With as much as fillers cost, it seems reasonable that people would expect the fillers to be placed evenly the first time, and if they were not that the office would pick up the expense to correct the uneveness since the patient trusted the injector to place it evenly the first time. I'm not talking about if more filler is needed on both sides to add more volume, simply when things turn out uneven. Who do you think should be covering the expense of the product in this case, and why?

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Cost of Touchup Filler?

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Hi Anon.  The cost of a touchup varies based on what the expectations are in the initial appointment.  If we set the expectation that 1 syringe will be enough for a certain procedure and a small amount more is required to get to the expected outcome we all had in mind, then we may cover the cost.  

What happens much more often is that a consumer chooses a smaller amount of product, against our recommendations, because of budget issues.  When that patient comes back for the checkup and expresses disappointment, we gently remind them that we recommended more product and that they will have to pay for it to achieve their goals.

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Filler and more

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My office policy is that if patients need more filler then they have to pay for it.  Everyone has asymmetry and no one is exactly the same from side to side.

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Fillers and "unevenness"

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Remember that each side of the face is a bit different, and no two sides are exactly the same. My office policy is that if the patient needs more filler to balance things out, then the patient pays for it.

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