How to Minimize Scarring After Areola Reduction Surgery?

20 yr old female, 36D no sag, areolas 6cm in diameter. My areolas stick out of my clothes and bras and it's embarrassing. It's hard to find good post-op pictures bc many reductions were done with a breast lift or implant. I noticed the outline of the new areola looks unnaturally circular. Is there a way to reduce them by making the incision just inside the areola circumference and use that as the outer circle? When I pinch that area of my areola it gets smaller and it looks more natural to me.

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Areolar reduction with incision within the areola

Yes, it certainly is possible to make the areolar reduction incision just within the areola itself.  You are correct that the appearance of a scar that replaces the normal "fading out" of the areola is a little unnatural and sharp.  However, a scar within the areola itself may become white, and may stand out because of the darker tissue on each side of the lighter-colored scar.

Be sure to ask your surgeon about the pros and cons of the different ways of doing surgery.

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