Cost of Areola Reduction with Local Anesthesia in Las Vegas

I am in Las Vegas, and am a 31 year old female with a moderate degree of ptosis and a large areolas. At this point I am only interested in areola reduction. I am in the process of losing 15 lbs and know that my boobs will shrink as they did before when I lost similar amount of weight.

Looking for a surgeon in Las Vegas who would perform only an areola reduction under local anesthesia. How much would it cost for the procedure? Thanks in advance! (Sorry for the quality of the picture).

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Finding Best Value for Areolar Reduction

First find the best plastic surgeons, then find the best price. That would be the order in selecting the best value and still get the best result.  Local Anesthesia would be offered by most. I suggest you select a board certified plastic surgeon. See the below link to find the right doctor for yourself.

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Areola reduction

Depending on how small you want the areola, the surrounding skin will demonstrate a significant number of pleats after the procedure.. Typically the vast majority of these will resolve over time but some may persist. In addition to flattening the breast, you will achieve minimal changes in the shape as stated.

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Cost of areola reduction in Miami

Fee range for ONLY areolar reduction is from $1000 to $3000. Consult 3 local boarded certified plastic surgeons.

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Areolar reduction in Las Vegas


I do practice here in Las Vegas and would be happy to see you and discuss your options. It sounds as though it is the size of your areola that bothers you more than anything else but having your areola made smaller will not significantly change your breast shape. You have some laxity and would benefit from a breast lift with or without an implant. It would be best to meet with you to go over your exam, what your concerns are and then review your options.

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Cost of areola reduction

It is rare to just do an areola reduction alone. Usually it is part of a more complete lift or it is part of a periareolar augmentation mastopexy. It is technically possible but it won't improve the shape of your breats at all, only a real lift will do that. The costs will vary but I would think in the $2500-3500 range would be reasonable.

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