Ortho and Temp Crowns?

My orthodontist general cosmetic dentist and perio all think its ok for me to remove my ill fitted over contoured perm lower front 23 and 24 crowns and put temp crowns on for the duration of ortho work 1.5 years and then replace with perms. can you really do this safely without cavities and without having them pop off? At first the perio did not recommend though another prostodontist also said it was ok. I guess its the least of the evils. They are talking and letting me know.

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Orthodontics and temp crowns

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You stated that they are replacing ill fitting crowns.  As long as the temp crowns are well fitting and cemented properly there should be no problems with getting decay or with them popping off.  If one does pop off you can always recement it.

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Temporary Crowns should be "bonded" during ortho treatment.

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Fabricating temporary crowns for teeth that have old, ill fitting or poorly contoured teeth during orthodontic treatment is acceptable. They should be "bonded" to the prepped tooth to minimize microleakage or dislodging. 

Yes, it is ok to have temps during ortho but must use permanent cement

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I have done this on a couple of cases and I learned quickly that unless you use permanent cement, the temps will pop out with the braces. Also, you increase the risk of a cavity forming under the temp.

I ended up using a bonded cement (like bonding a veneer) and did not have any issues. The only thing is the you will have to cut off the temps and make new ones when it come time to do the final impressions for the new crowns.


I highly recommend that you have the over contoured crowns removed and have properly contoured temps placed (this may end up with spaces) so that the ortho will have proper size teeth to align. It is the best way of doing it.


Good luck.

Dr. T

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Ortho and Temp Crowns

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Yes, this can safely be done as long as the temps are well-fitting, and the cement is checked or replaced every 3-6 months.

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