Can I Have Microdermabrasion Before Fraxel?

I have light Asian skin with lots of acne scars, most are rolling and give my skin an undulating appearence. I've had two Fraxel Restores so far and combined it with Titan. My results are not at all impressive though pore size has reduced and skin feels softer though I feel I see more scars now. Is it because they're now shallower? I'm about to go in for my 3rd Fraxel and I wanted to get Microdermabrasion at least 3 days before that, should I or shouldn't I? I have a feeling my skin is already irritated with too much exfoliation yet still, will the Fraxel yield better results if I get microdermabrasion before it? Also, I'm about to get married in December and I want my skin to look fair and smooth. Should I go in for facials after Fraxel? If so which ones? Thanks a million! Maliha

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When's the Wedding?


As long as it is not a particularly vigorous microdermabrasion, it shouldn't be too much of a problem, but I would talk to your provider first- they may have strong feelings about it.

I think the greater concern is that you are undergoing treatments for improvement of a problem (acne scars) that are not likely to be significantly improved by the laser being used.

The best lasers for acne scarring in patients with pigmentation are fractional CO2 lasers like the Mixto SX, the DOT, or Repair option from Fraxel. Whether or not this is something you can consider is I'm sure going to be related to the date of the wedding and your recovery timeline. Talk to your Doctor about it.

Congratulations on your wedding!

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