How Long After Fraxel Restore Can I Get a TCA Chemical Peel?

I just had my first fraxel restore. I was slighly red and swollen for a day or two but that was it. I was expecting to see more. My goal is to mimimize fine lines on forehead and around eyes. I know I'll need a couple more treatments but does this type of laser really work? I'm too chicken to try the Fraxel repair. How long after my Fraxel Restore treatment can I do a TCA peel?

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Wait at least 3 months after Fraxel Restore before considering a TCA peel

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Fraxel Restore needs at least 5 treatments, and you need to wait between 5-6 months after the completion of all five treatments to see results. And then you should wait wait 3-6 months until skin returns completely to normal before considering a TCA peel.

At the very least wait minimum three months until skin appears completely back to normal without any redness or uneven skin tones.

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Don't push it

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A frequent problem people have with skin care is doing too much too soon. Let your doctor chime in here with a recommendation. I would wait a while after one skin care process before applying another.

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