Thermismooth around the eyes- Must you wear eye shields?

I've called several doctor's offices and some doctors say they require the eyeball shields and others do not, when doing Thermismooth. I am very creeped out about the idea of someone touching my eyeball. Are the eyeball shields necessary for this procedure? Second question: How many weeks a part are the treatments?

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Thermismooth around the eyes- Must you wear eye shields?

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You have NOT called me! I use moist saline 4x4 gauzes as eye protection. There are ONLY 3 to 4 ThermiSmooth 250 RF units in Miami.....

With or without eye shields

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Thermismooth can be performed on the eyelids with or without eye shields.  When used they protect the globe itself from injury.   It may allow a margin of safety when the eyelid skin is stretched so the Physician can treat farther onto the eyelid skin.  Talk with the Physician who is going to perform this, explain your concerns.  After all you only get one set of eyes and you need to feel comfortable they are safe and yet the treatment will be effective.

Treatment schedule is based upon results, the condition of  the skin, and your needs usually about 4 weeks apart. 

Dean L. Johnston, MD
Orlando Plastic Surgeon

Eye Shields for ThermiSmooth?

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I generally do not use eye shields with ThermiSmooth unless I have a patient with substantial lid skin laxity and need to really stretch out the skin over the eye itself during treatment.  Otherwise, I find that patients tolerate this procedure quite nicely without eye shields.

On that note, I have personally undergone 3 ThermiSmooth treatments around my eyes and have not used eye shields.  The treatment was pleasant and relaxing with zero downtime and zero pain!

I hope that helps!

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We perform ThermiSmooth around the eyes with and without eye shields

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Eye shields are used with ThermiSmooth on some patients in order to be able to more effectively treat the eyelids directly over the eyes. 

If we are treating around the eyes mostly for the crow's feet wrinkles or to lift the eyebrows, then we don't use eye shields. 

If we want to treat loose skin and wrinkles on the upper or lower eyelids, then we do prefer to use eye shields, as the treatment will be much more effective. 

We use eye numbing drops and lubricant to insert the eye shields. We do not place eye shields in any patient with previous eye surgery, such as cataract or lasik surgery. 

ThermiSmooth for crepy or wrinkled eyelid skin in my NYC practice does not require eyeshields

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The majority of physicians who perform ThermiSmooth on the eyelid skin, as per a recent national webinar, do not use intraocular (eye)shields. The eyelid is pulled away from the eye while the treatment is performed and the depth of penetration of heat from the ThermiSmooth should not be able to injure the eye in this manner. The energy is very focal and not spread out so there is no collateral damage. I have been performing ThermiSmooth in my NYC practice on eyelid and full facial skin,  since 2013,  with good results.

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Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 39 reviews

ThermiSmooth Around The eye

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You don't need eye shields for ThermiSmooth. Some places like them because that way you can treat the upper eyelids directly. Without them you can just pull the skin up and treat. We usually space our treatments 2 weeks apart. Hope this helps.

Michael A. Zadeh, MD, FACS
Sherman Oaks General Surgeon
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