Help with Enlarged pores/orange peel texture after Fraxel. Is there anything which could help heal the effects? (Photo)

I really need some help with the Pores on my nose! Can you give me any advice on how best to treat them? I have quite oily skin on my nose and I had 2 sessions of Fraxel laser treatment to help minimise pores, but I feel it has made them worse. Is there anything which could help heal the effects of Fraxel and tighten the pores on my nose?

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Treating Pores with Laser

The Fraxel laser is fabulous at treating sun damage and acne scars.  Pores are the most difficult area to treat since it may require a combination of treatments.  If you are still breaking out and your pores are still clogging then you may require topical creams such as Retin-A or Differin gel to keep it under control.  Clear & Brilliant works very nicely with no down time at minimizing the appearance of pores.  The other lasers that can help are the Fraxel and eMatrix laser.  Please consult a board certified dermatologist with experience with Fraxel and other lasers for the best cosmetic results.

Improving facial and nasal pores

Pores are a necessary structure of the skin. The opening of the skin that allows the exit of a hair, sweat gland or oil gland content can be plugged up with dead skin cell debris and oils so that the pore looks less open. When someone uses Retin A or other acne medications that clear out the debris, the pores may be more visible. this is a trade-off that's necessary for healthier skin.  The pore hasn't become wider, it's just that the pore is more visible as the "plug" is removed.  
There is not one treatment, whether a topical agent, chemical peel, dermabrasion or laser of any kind, that can guarantee pores to be minimized.  In fact, I have not found any treatment to be as good as Fraxel laser, whether the Clear & Brilliant or Fraxel Restore. Some patients may see improvement, while others may not.  Usually a series of treatments is needed to see improvement but I would not continue treatment if the patient or physician thinks the pores are more visible after some treatment.  
SkinMedica's Essential Serum helps minimize pore size in many patients when studied by the use of skin casts that were analyzed with magnification.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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