After Breast Augmentation, Why is There "Morning Boob" Which is the Hardening of Your Breast Tissue?

I just wanted to kmow what causes this and ways to prevent it. Ive seen this term used alot in the BA world. Im 6 days post opp

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"Morning boob" is NOT hardening of your breast tissue; it's breast firmness due to muscle spasm!

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Early in the breast augmentation recovery, your pectoralis muscles are not yet "accustomed" to being permanently stretched by the presence of submuscular implants. At night you do not swing or use your arms very much (except for minimal movements as you shift your body and/or dream), and your pectoralis muscles tighten up to try to return to their previous unstretched state. Morning firmness results.

As you wake up and move around, this gets better, at least if you have little muscle inflammation or bruising, which of course improves as your recovery progresses. Too much movement causes bleeding, so don't over do it, and follow your surgeon's activity restrictions scrupulously!

Your muscles will reach a new steady state as time goes by (every patient is different), and this morning firmness will go away permanently. Fear not, this is normal! Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

Breast implants

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The tightness you experience in the morning is due to swelling. During the day, gravity pulls fluid toward your feet. When you sleep, the fluid redistributes, which is why you wake up every morning with puffy eyes. Since you just had breast surgery, this area is inflamed, and fluid goes to this area. Eventually this will stop.

If you sleep in a sitting position you can minimize this, but it will not hurt your final results.

"Morning Boob" Which is the Hardening of Your Breast Tissue?

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This is not hardening of breast tissue, but contraction of the pectoral muscles. They are now stretched over these new implants and it will take some months for them to accommodate and allow the implants to settle. 

This happens to some extent to all women with submuscular implants early in the post-surgery period, and will resolve.

Thanks and best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Firm Breasts After Breast Augmetntation

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Hi Lissa,

  • The breasts usually take 6 to 12 weeks to soften and settle after augmentation. 
  • Depending on your activity level, this early post-op breast swelling (firmness) may vary throughout the day. When implants are under the muscle, first morning firmness is due to muscle "spasms" that relax as your body "warms up."
  • These muscle spasms become less frequent after several months. Although no particular treatment is necessary, your PS may have suggestions if you are uncomfortable in this early stage of recovery.

Thanks for your question and good luck!


Stephen M. Lazarus, MD
Knoxville Plastic Surgeon

Hardening following breast augmentation.

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Thanks for your question.  In the early period following breast augmentation the tissue needs a chance to heal.  Your breasts will be more firm secondary to this in the early phase of healing.  Once a few months have gone by the breasts can develop capsular contracture in a minority of cases.  This is when the breasts harden due to scar tissue that your body makes around the implant itself.  Hope this helps answer your question.

Muscle Spasm Following Breast Augmentation

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It's not unusual for patients to have muscle spasm following breast augmentation surgery, especially when large implants are placed beneath the pectoralis muscles. This often results in the breasts being hard and firm. This seems to be more noticeable in the early morning after a night of inactivity.

In most cases, spasm has resolved in three to four weeks following surgery. In the short term, muscle relaxants, stretching and massage can provide relief and shorten the duration of muscle spasm.

"Morning Boob" represents tightness and spasm

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Thanks for your excellent question… in the immediate postoperative period, the tissues over your implant are stretched and need to accommodate to their new position.  When the muscle tissue is stretched, it sometimes resists a bit with some temporary tightening.  This causes some firmness in the early postoperative period, but should subside by itself over the next few weeks.

Breast augmentation and 6 days post-op

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The breasts can stay very firm for several months after breast augmentation until the tissues relax and the swelling dissipates.

6 Days after Breast Augmentation - Hardened

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   At 6 days, the swelling and sensation of hardness is temporary.  As swelling goes down and the muscle relaxes the supple nature of the breast tissue will return.  This may take several months.

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