I had an eMatrix procedure done nine days ago, and it's still not healing. What can I do? (Photo)

I had any Matrix done 9 days ago and I still have every red square on my face the swelling has gone down the black dots are gone but it's still extremely dry, flaky and each square is red and defined how long until these go away or do I have permanent damage is there anything I can do to help this healing process. I can't work I've been in contact with the people who did it they say it's totally normal but everything I read says it's not just would like some definite answers please pictures attached

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PIH Relief Complex after eMatrix

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I recommend that you avoid sun exposure, use SPF 30+ (Spectrase) and use an Opti-Ceramide cream for deep moisturization and hydration.

If you develop PIH, I recommend either Scler-X or Pigmentation Correction Complex from KareSkin.


H Karamanoukian MD FACS

EMatrix and Side Effects

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Ematrix is a great laser but you may have some reaction to the laser.  I would consider using hydrocortisone cream and Aquaphor to help with this healing and return to your treating physician for examination.  Best, Dr. Green

Ematrix Results on Face, Still Red/Peeling/Irritated

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this looks as if it is still healing. but also looks as if you didnt get a complete treatment. in my opinion there are much better fractional RF devices on the market like intensif, viva, infini etc.  Please see an expert at this time you need the proper post-RF/laser skin care.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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After-effects from eMatrix

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First of all, I don't think this is permanent, and it should get better, but I would get an appointment to see the doctor who performed your procedure. It looks like you had some sort of allergic reaction to the procedure. You can use Aquaphor or Eucerin for the flaking and dryness, but you might benefit from a low potency topical steroid, which your doctor could write for. Over-the-counter 1% Hydrocortisone might be strong enough, but it's often too weak to accomplish much. Also, the doctor might add topical hydroquinone to prevent hyperpigmentation in those red areas. It's common to have dry flaking skin for a bit after eMatrix, but the defined squares should resolve faster than that, so I think you need a follow up visit.

Jenny Weyler, MD
Worcester Physician
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EMatrix and squares.

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ok, firstly let me comment on the procedure itself. Firstly what was the level setting in mj per pin? Secondly, why are there skip segments everywhere? If a provider can perform the eMatrix they should be able to deal with the complications. Do you suffer from urticaria? Is this an allergic contact derm or irritant? Simple trouble shooting medical questions should be asked. Now, your skin will not have long term damage, unless they did something silly like triple pulse at 100 mj per pin... it should settle over the next few weeks. Early on, a steroid ointment can help. I suggest seeing a Board Certified Specialist in your area. The device itself is great, especially for collagen remodelling in early acne scars, but you should find the best method to solve your problem and not a device itself. All the best, Davin Lim. Brisbane. Australia. 

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