Does Medicaid Pay for Sculptra Injections in Patients with HIV?

We have been told that there are doctors taht will bill Medicaid or get approval from Medicaid before doing the Sculptra procedure, but Medicaid will pay because the loss of facial mass comes from the medications that patients take for HIV.

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Sculptra has a Patient Assistance Program for HIV positive patients.

The first approval in the U.S. was for the treatment of facial wasting in HIV patients.  They have a Patient Assistance Program for those with low incomes.  Call your trained and experienced injector.  There is some paperwork involved, but it is a help.

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Sculptra has Patient Assistance Program

No, Medicaid will not pay for the Sculptra injections. But Sculptra has what’s called the Patient Assistance Program that helps individuals with low income and HIV. Check with your physicians office if they are part of this program.

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Sculptra and HIV

Sculptra would not be covered by medicaid. However Sanofi-Aventis the manufacturer of Sculptra has a program where they will supply people with low incomes and HIV free sculptra. Check with an injector in your area. 

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Medicaid for Sculptra

This is not true. Medicaid will not pay for this. If you have heard of a doctor who does this then that doctor is commiting fraud. There is a program that Sculptra has for HIV patients who have economic hardship where they will give you the product for little or no money. I have done this and then charge the patient a nominal fee to administer the product. Good luck!

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