How soon after a breast reduction will I know my new bra size?

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Final Bra Size after Breast Reduction

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Most changes occur following breast reduction in the first several months. By the third month you will be close to your final bra size, but the final result may take up to a year.

How soon after a breast reduction will I know my new bra size?

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Excellent question.  As I have mentioned before, it takes a good 3-6 months for the breasts to settle, for the swelling to subside, and for you to see the final result.  So give yourself 6 months before you go shopping for expensive bras.  Good Luck.

Ruben B. Abrams, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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How soon after a breast reduction will I know my new bra size?

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Thank you for the question.
 I suggest that you wait to evaluate the final result/size of the surgery (and go bra sizing/shopping)  when you are about 6 months to a year out.
I would also suggest that you do not base your satisfaction with the results of surgery on a specific cup size,  given that this is somewhat arbitrary and dependent on who makes the bra.
Hopefully you will  enjoy the physical, functional, and psychosocial benefits of the  breast reduction procedure.
Best wishes.

Bra size after breast reduction

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It takes a while for the breasts to settle after surgery. I allow my patients to wear regular bras at 4 weeks but make them wait 3 months before wearing underwire bras. By this time the new breast shape and size is pretty much determined.

Ellen A. Janetzke, MD
Bloomfield Hills Plastic Surgeon
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New Bra size

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Thank you for your question.  After any breast augmentation procedure, the implants will sit high in the chest right after surgery.  Around the 4-6 month mark is when the breasts will typically be settled to final result, but around 6 weeks post op, you can consider wearing sexier bras just for special occasion, but it is recommended to continue wearing a supportive bra to prevent the breasts from dropping too low.

Best regards,
Dr. Lane F. Smith, MD
Plastic Surgeon
Las Vegas, NV

Lane Smith, MD
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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Breast reduction and new size

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You have to give your breasts some time to settle down. This can take 4-6 months minimum to see the final result.  Uusally by about 6 weeks you will have a general idea where you are.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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