Which is better for skin tightening and cellulite reduction of the thighs and arms, Inmode bodyfx or Venus legacy?

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InMode BodyFx vs Venus Legacy

I can answer this question very well for you because I did the BodyFx FDA trial in the U.S. and have had both Venus Freeze and Venus Legacy treatments for years. The answer is that the two really aren't comparable. BodyFx treats fat and deep fat very well and it treats this fat permanently. But it is not a skin smoothing device. Venus Legacy does not treat deep fat as well, and is a temporary skin smoothing device. When I wish for patients with small areas of fat to receive treatment to get rid of the fat AND smooth the skin out, then I do a combination of BodyFx along with InMode's Forma Plus (which is like Venus). So, really it's a matter of determining what exactly you are trying to treat. Fat, or just skin tightening.

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