Meaningful Beauty Products with Rare Cantaloupe Extract from South of France - Fact or Fiction?

Cindy Crawford sells a line of face products that she claims contains extracts from a rare melon found in the South of France. Has the FDA checked out her claims to this extract found only in these melons in the South of France. There is a Physician that is claiming to be the inventor of this miracle product. Is this false advertising or is there truely supported research that supports the claims that there exists a rare melon found only in the South of France that has extracts that are special

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Rare melon wrinkle treatment

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The truth is that the FDA does not investigate cosmetic claims, only those that make "drug" claims, which means that the product alters the normal structure and function of living tissue.  Most commercials skirt these claims with carefully worded promises.  I cannot directly answer your question about  melon effectiveness, and I have seen the commercials, which are very carefully worded.  Caveat Emptor - buyer beware.

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