I Have a McGhan Implant That Has Ruptured. How Do I Get Compensation for Its Replacement? It is Less Than 10 Years Old.

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McGhan implants and Allergan honoring the replacement.

Your best option is to meet with a plastic surgeon and they can see if Allergan (which now owns McGhan) will honor any warranty.

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Cost of Implant Rupture

The manufacturer's typically offer a warranty plan for your implants.   Traditionally, they cover the cost of the new implant.   Some of the newer warranty plans will also cover some or all of the cost for anesthesia and facility fee. 

I wish you a safe recovery and fantastic result.

Dr Gill

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Replacement of ruptured implant

Implant companies have warranty on the implant against rupture.  You can check with implant company (if you have implant information).  If not, your plastic surgeon should be able to help you with that.  There will be cost for facility/anesthesia/surgeon's fee.

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Replacement of rupture implant

Thank you for your question.  Nearly always, the implant companies will honor replacement of an implant if there is a rupture.  They will cover the cost of the implant only.  Any plastic surgeon can assist you with in this process. 

Best of luck.


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Ruptured McGhan implant

McGhan is now owned by Allergan.  If you have information on the type and style of your implant then a call by your plastic surgeon to Allergan can determine if there is any warrantee on your implant.  Off hand I do not know for sure. 

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Compensation for ruptured McGhan Implant

McGhan implants are now Allergan Natrelle implants. Allergan will honor any previous McGhan implant warranties. Ensure that you have your implant information, which includes your implant style, serial number, volume, date of surgery. Your plastic surgeon will be able to submit this information to Allergan to receive your new implant and financial assistance.

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