Mastopexy with implant: Will my nipple placement rotate upward as my implant settles? (Photo)

I was a stage three ptosis two weeks ago wearing a 34 D bra. My PS performed a mastopexy with breast aug (silicone gel implants under the muscle). I am 12 days post op and the same size, but fuller and lifted. Primarily, I wanted my nipples pointing upward (more important than size). They point either straight or down, without much fullness up top. Is it likely that my nipple will rotate upwards? If so, what is the typical time frame for this to happen. I want to have realistic expectations.

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Mastopexy with implant: Will my nipple placement rotate upward as my implant settles?

Congratulations on your procedure!  For being almost 2 weeks post-op, you look like you healing right on track.  You really won't know the final shape of your breasts for another 3-6 months because your implants will continue to settle over the next few months.  As they settle, there will be more fullness at the bottom of your breasts and your nipples should start appear to be higher in position.  Continue following up with your surgeon and following post-op instructions and be patient.  ac

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Minimal 6 month wait for final decision

Gravity acts on your breast tissue and on the implant. If the implant is retro-pectoral and textured, it may not descend. However, it is possible your breast tissue will descend. If your breast tissue descends, the nipples will continue to point downward. If your implant descends, the nipples will rotate upward. Time will tell dominant factor. From your 12 day photographs, you do appear to have upper pole fullness, mild asymmetry and your left nipple is lower. You will need to wait 6 months before making a final decision about your results.

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Gary Horndeski, M.D.

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Thank you for the pictures.

I believe that you're still going through the healing process. This will normally take between 4-12 weeks in order to see actual results.
Dr. Campos

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Nipple rotation after breast lift

Your breasts will continue to change for 3-4 months following your breast lift.  You can expect the implant to drop creating a fuller look at the bottom of your breast.  Remember that one implant may settle into place sooner than the other.  As the implant drops, the nipple areolar complex will also appear higher on the breast.

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Mastopexy with implant: Will my nipple placement rotate upward as my implant settles?

Hello and thanks for your question
Gravity always wins. Your implants will move down a bit over the next 3 months and the nipples will move up. If you had the implants above the muscle this movement would be more. But overall you will have a nice result.
Hope this helps

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Results after augmentation-mastopexy

Hi. Your breasts will change for at least 3 months after the operation (sometimes up to 12 months), and your implants are likely to down a little over this time and your breasts change shape - yes your nipples will be pointing more up in 2-3 months. It is normal for one breast to go a little faster than the other in terms of settling down after the operation. Try to be patient at this stage and wait until all the postoperative changes have finished before assessing things.

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Yes, nipple/areola complexes will appear to rotate upward as implants drop, soften, and settle.

Gravity can be counted upon to work 100% of the time for 100% of patients. Since scar tissue thickens and tightens in only about 3% of patients, it is a really good bet that your scars will soften and stretch as they mature, allowing your implants to drop and give your breasts more fullness inferiorly, somewhat less fullness superiorly ("up top"), and change apparent nipple/areola orientation to more upwards-pointing appearance. The time frame is what is individual for each patient, based on amount of muscle tone, swelling, scar formation, and innate elasticity (or lack thereof). Thus, this is impossible to accurately predict--it will take weeks to months, but it does so gradually, so each day there is minute progress.

I often tell patients that trying to watch this process is as fruitful as watching your grass grow. You can carefully observe, but see no visible progress, then go on vacation for a week, and return to grass that visibly needs mowing. Healing is SLOWER than that, so there is no conceivable way to see this progress by looking in a mirror, or taking daily photographs. Maybe weekly, but even that seems unlikely. Monthly--now you can see the changes, and even then they are not much, and as dependent on photographic parameters as anything else!

Your surgeon has done a splendid job and you should be quite thrilled with your work. It will only get better as time goes by. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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Nipple orientation after breast lift

It looks as if your surgeon has done  nice job.  Symmetry looks very good.  implant placement looks good.  At 12 days you are in the early healing phase.  I would be surprised if your implants didn't settle more beneath your nipples bringing them up..Follow closely with your surgeon.  At times I will add a band accross the upper pole of the implant to help bring them down but I don't think I would do it in your case.  I think you picked a good size too.

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As swelling subsides shape will change

Thank you for your question. It looks like you have a very good result. Swelling you have in the upper pole of the breast is normal at this point. Often times when this starts to diminish the overall shape will significantly improve. Just be patient.

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Nipple Position After Mastopexy

It takes at least 4-6 weeks for implants to settle inferiorly, especially if placed under the muscle. Once this happens, the lower pole generally fills out more, and the upper pole looks less prominent. As this happens the nipple position should appear to raise slightly. Upward pointing nipples are not always aesthetically natural It depends how much they move.

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