Will Massage After Reduction Change The Bad Shape I Have 2 Months Post Op? (photo)

After a bad reduction, they have come out much to square and no projection and it is impossible to get them into a proper bra as what tissue is left is in the lower and outer quadrant I am stuck with soft T-Shirt bra, I am 9 weeks post op. My PS said to do deep tissue massage of the scars to see if I could stretch them and and cause them to drop a bit and maybe that would improve shape. Is this any use as it seems a little weird to me to try and stretch scars to make them look better?.

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Massaging scars after surgery

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I am sorry that you are having problems after your surgery. From the picture it does look like the scar is tight and pulling the lower part of your breast up--which will make the breast appear square. Scars do go through a phase of pulling and tightening and typically it is 2-3 months after surgery. Massage can help the scars soften faster than they would do on their own. Some patients find that some of the scar creams can also help. With time the scars are almost certain to soften and stretch and this should allow your breast tissue to descend to a more normal position and shape. This is called "bottoming out" and is usually a problem though for you it may solve your problem. If you can find a bra that holds your breasts into a more natural shape, wearing it may help speed the process as well. Good luck.

Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

Breast Reduction Results?

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Thank you for the question and picture.

Since you are only 2 months out of your surgery you will likely continue to see improvement in the shape of the breasts over the next several months.  As the scars mature you may find that the breasts do  “round out”. Unfortunately, the breast projection will not change.  Breast implants ( believe it or not)  may be useful for this purpose if the projection remains a major concern.

I would suggest continued follow-up with your plastic surgeon to express your questions and concerns understanding that your results will likely improve with time and/or minor revisionary surgery.

I hope this helps.

Will Massage After Reduction Change The Bad Shape I Have 2 Months Post Op? (photo)

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You are only 9 weeks postop - you are a long way from seeing the final size and shape of your breasts.

It is certainly the case, however, that the anchor-style or inverted-T breast reduction tends to produce a square-bottomed breast and to reduce projection. Also it does not reduce the breast base or diameter.

There is no question that the vertical or 'lollipop' reduction increases breast projection and avoids the square-bottomed look. This operation also reduces the breast diameter, so the breast does not look like a flat version of its preop self.  It is possible that your surgeon does not offer this procedure or judged that your breasts were too large for a vertical reduction.

I recommend you allow your healing to run its course. You will have a much better idea of your final result in 9 to 12 months. If at that point you are not happy then you should explore your options with your surgeon. Finally it is often worthwhile to seek another opinion from someone else who is broadly experienced in aesthetic breast surgery.

Good luck!

Breast Shape After Reduction

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Your best bet is to wait a few more months to allow the tissue to settle and scars to soften. Tissue massage may help.

Karol A. Gutowski, MD, FACS
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Unhappy with breast reduction at 9 weeks postop

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You are still very early in the healing process and one can expect the skin to stretch considerably over the next year. The area that is tight should elongate providing a different and maybe better shape.

The rest of your result is impossible to assess with just one photo of one breast. You may want to discuss your concerns with your surgeon and obtain their input/perspective on your situation. Longer term, if you are still unhappy, there are ways to further improve your result.

Good luck!

Steven Turkeltaub, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Breast reduction and shape

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It is quite possible that with time, the shape may improve. I think that trying to stretch the tissue will not do much.  If you feel you  need more projection you may need an augmentation.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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