Hematoma recovery after breast augmentation. Can I drive? Clean the house? (Photo)

July 1st silicone sub pectoral placement recovery went smoothly , day ten post opt I woke up & as I was getting out of bed my right Breast spasmed as if I had pulled a muscle . it was a hematoma and i underwent surgery that day to remove the blood collection as the pain was unbearable. It's been a week & I'm paranoid about recovery & want insight inregards to physical movements , I want piece of mind that I can do daily activities just not strenuous exercise. Can I drive? Clean house? Etc .

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Hi. Fantastic result!  Follow your instructions and limit your activity as per your surgeon's advice.  Complications are possible with every surgery.  Fortunately they are uncommon and you are healthy!  Be well.

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Take it easy!

Thank you for your question. Hematomas can happen, less than 1% of the time, but they can happen. I'm glad to hear that you had it addressed immediately. It is not likely to happen again, but please don't overdo it. Follow up frequently with your surgeon. Ask your surgeon what are your restrictions. I would not let you do much for 4 weeks.

Best of luck.

- Dr. Bryson Richards

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Exercise after BA

Hello, it is understandable that you would be worried about another problem, particularly if the last issue happened spontaneously.  Your own PS will be the best source of advice for activity restrictions.  Fortunately complications like this are uncommon after BA surgery, but when they do happen, I recommend that my patients take even greater caution about their daily activities and return to exercise.  From the photo provided it appears that you are still going to have a very good result.

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Hematoma recovery after breast augmentation?

If you are just 10 days post hematoma evacuation, you should still be careful.  You probably can drive, but I would avoid any strenuous activity for the next several weeks, including house cleaning.  Check back with your surgeon for their recommendations in your case.  Best wishes, Dr. Lepore. 

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Activity after surgery

My advice is to ask your surgeon specific questions about what she or he wants you to do or not do in your situation.  While I don't think you should be paranoid, your specific surgery might have involved different manipulations to the muscle and for various reasons, your surgeon may want you to restrict your activity in a specific way.  These questions are very common in my practice- I applaud patients for asking great questions that can improve their outcome, and I'm sure your surgeon would feel the same way.
Best of luck, 
Dr. L

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After a hematoma, you should be doubly cautious.  Maybe you were overdoing the activities the first time.  Follow your surgeons advice and be cautious for many weeks after the hematoma evacuation.

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Hematoma recovery

Thank you for your question!

As long as you are not taking narcotic pain medication you can drive. I would give yourself 3 weeks before cleaning the house and engaging in any strenuous activity.

Please see your surgeon for specific post-op recommendations. If your surgeon is not board certified please seek the advice of a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in aesthetic and restorative breast surgery.

Good luck!
Dr Schwartz

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