Male wanting a feminized chest wall, is it possible?

I really don't want to get to into this, but ever since i was a younger kid i always had the desire to have a feminized chest wall like my sister did. I at one time i stole one of her bras and wore it and stuffed it to act like i had a feminized chest. I have tried taking herbal supplements to achieve this effect. I was able to get some growth but not much. I would like a permanent and guaranteed result. I am able to answer any questions you may have.

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Male Breast Implants

Yes, I have operated on men that wanted to have breasts and are taking hormones. These men desire to look like women and honestly, do look like women. Obviously, a plastic surgeon needs to use discretion but it is possible and the procedure is performed in men.

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This is certainly possible.  I would recommend that you see a surgeon with a lot of experience in this (gender reassignment surgery).  You will need to see a team of medical professionals prior to such a surgery.  Don't go to any PS for this - choose someone that does a lot of this.


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