How Should I Maintain Sculptra Results?

Upon achieving my desired results at 3 vials of Sculptra, one vial per treatment, what would I need to maintain that effect somewhat, allowing of course, for some aging? How often and starting how long after the final treatment of the initial three and how many vials. I know you can't predict exactly but what would be a likely scenario?

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How to maintain Sculptra results?

I find that the full effect from a series of Sculptra treatments normally will last from about 2-4 years.  Once you begin to see some recession in the treatment results, you can return to your injector for a booster treatment.  In most cases, you would not need to repeat the entire series of treatments, as you did with the initial treatment.  It is possible that only one treatment could then return your appearance to full restoration again.  Sometimes more than one treatment might be needed for maintenance, but this varies by individual.  

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Maintenance of Sculptra

The full effect of Sculptra generally lasts two years.  I would expect around the two year point you might need more Sculptra injected.  Of course there is always individual variability with aging and weight loss which may affect how much Sculptra you will need.

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Sculptra maintenance

Once the desired volume results are achieved with Sculptra, it's helpful to do maintenance sessions periodically. Although Sculptra's volume results can be very long lasting, it's best not to let the volume improvement wane. The plan for a maintenance schedule may range from one vial every 6 months to 1 or 2 vials every year or even longer. A physician who is very experienced in Sculptra can best guide you. In my practice, aesthetic maintenance involves good skin care and Botox, or other treatments for pigment, vessels and texture. Those treatments involve visits in the office at least 2 or 3 times per year. My staff and I routinely review our Sculptra patients' progress and initiate maintenance as needed.

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Appropriate timing for Sculptra "boost"

As you alluded to, each patient's individual scenario will be a little bit different and the appropriate timing for undergoing a "booster" treatment of Sculptra will depend on when you begin to lose volume.  For most patients this is 2-3 years.  

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How should I maintain Sculptra results?

Patients generally need more than one injection session to accomplish maximum re-volumization. Some patients may require approximately three treatment sessions spaced four weeks apart. After this, you will not likely need another treatment for about two years. I would recommend seeking the advice of one of the following:

1) Facial plastic surgeon

2) Plastic surgeon

3) Dermatologist

I hope this helps, and good luck.

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